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There are 3 Ways to Work and connect with me – I like to keep it simple wink

 Bloom – 1:1 Sessions

Let’s be honest LIFE is not without its challenges.

How do I know this?

Because I have been working with women for the last 30 years around finding themselves again. I have also been there.

It’s also full of beautiful things as well.

Getting to know your mind, body, and soul again after being disconnected gets to be a beautiful space, when you get to right support. 

With this in mind, I have created Bloom. 

Bloom come in single session and packages.

the advantage of the packages is that you get the regular times an the support you need. 

Want to JOIN me?

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Nourish – the Midlife Membership   

This is where you get to DISCOVER who you are becoming thru Midlife
I have been bubbling away at this and how to bring this space to you all and it’s finally landed and is here right now.
Nourish will be the space for you to take radical care of yourself through midlife so you can emerge connected to yourself, finding your passion for life an knowing you get to have more.
With monthly bite-sized content and an online community for support, it will be your home, your safe haven through your midlife journey.
It’s now open for you to join.
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Self Care Journal 

This incredible journal is for the woman who is searching for more and ready to radically take care of herself.
In this journal is 12 months of weekly journal prompts.
They are set out in 4 parts:
🌟 Connection to self
🌟 Creating the space
🌟 Connection to life
🌟 Creating the rhythm
Under each heading, there will be three topics, one for each month, and in that, there will be a set of questions to journal on.
At $27 all you need to do is print it off.
Want to get your hands on it?
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Whenever I feel disjointed or I’m not aligned I schedule an Energy session appointment with Katya. Not only do I leave feeling centered but like a weight has been lifted. She is an amazing and talented practitioner that not only “works her magic” but she also questions me and explains what’s going on. I learn more and more about myself with each session, and I find I’m a more confident and stronger person and being.

Thank you, Katya, for your Energy Session. You’ve seen me through recovery from a difficult website experience, major conflict, and big career and business decisions. Your understanding of exactly where I am is powerful and the advice has helped me navigate difficulties and allowed me to bring myself back into positive energy and focus quickly and easily.

In our ever-changing world, sessions with Katya support me to be more aware and in balance with my own energy. I am more than ever, in touch with who I am and how I want to be in this world. Very blessed to have her guidance.