About Me

midlife<br />

Hi. I’m Katya and here’s what I know to be true.

Midlife gets to be better than the current narrative. Yes, that’s strong but so true. 

Why do I feel this? 

Because my experience was challenging and filled with potholes and I want better for other women. 

So who am I?

I’m a mother of four, a wife of decades, and I’ve worked with women in various ways for 30 years.

Most days I work from home amongst the trees in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

I believe there is magic in slowing down enough to hear ourselves. Our true selves. (The one who’s whispers led you here.)

For me, moving into ‘Midlife’ has been a wild and wonderful experience, and it has left me with much wisdom to share. I passionately believe that this can be such a perfect time to connect to what we want and to explore that wholeheartedly.

Let’s play together in the ‘Midlife Magic’.