About Me

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Hi. I’m Katya and this is my little corner the internet where I get to share who I am

Reiki Practitioner

Midlife Mentor

Wife of many years

Mother of 4 boys

Mother to 4 legged babies, all boys!!!!!

But these are all jobs that I do.

So who am I at my deepest core?

Loving Kind generous intuitive and boundary-holding lover of all things Mother Earth.

Believer that women in Midlife deserve to be adored and embraced.

Nature lover through and through and you will find me most days wandering in “my forest’ near my home.

I am here for the deep conversations; you know the ones that take you deep into yourself. If I accept you, you get to come into the deepest part of my world.

I adore cooking for people but am a deep introvert at heart.

Besides my hubby and kids, my work is super important to me, and I adore seeing women grow and evolve into who they are meant to be.

So welcome and I hope you find all you need here.