About Me

about me

Hi. I’m Katya and here’s what I know to be true.

There is such deep wisdom within women. And my calling is to help us find it.

I’m a mother of four, a wife of decades, and I’ve worked with women in various ways for 30 years.

Most days I work from home amongst the trees in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

I have a deep belief that as women we are keepers of sacred secrets and holders of worldly wisdom.

I believe there is magic in slowing down enough to hear ourselves. Our true selves.

(The one who’s whispers led you here.)

For me, moving into ‘midlife’ has been a wild and wonderful experience, and it has left me with much wisdom to share

I passionately believe that this can be such a perfect time to connect to what we really want, and to explore that wholeheartedly.

Let’s play together in the ‘magic of the middle’.


My tools for doing this work are many.


I use the holistic healing modalities I’ve trained in, I ask soul-searching questions that take you on a journey to the center of you, and I evoke my inner wise-woman to share what she’s learned.

One of the things I’ve come to understand deeply, is the magic of the earth and the turning of the seasons. I have become fascinated by all things elemental and energetic, and these feature strongly in the work that I do.

These tools have been powerful for me, in leading to a life filled with passion, connection, and abundance.

In engaging with the elements and understanding them more deeply, I have become calmer, have understood myself more, and moved closer toward being the mother, carer, and creator I yearn to be.

My greatest skill is that I read energy. I support women from all walks of life to direct their unique energy to create positive outcomes in their lives.

As women, we hold wisdom inside of us, and when we nurture a deep connection with ourselves, we can access that in powerful ways.

My favourite thing in the world is watching women grow and live their best possible life filled with love, abundance, connection, and soul-fuelled energy.

I believe in the magic of the messiness in life, and I would love to explore that with you.

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