Midlife for mind body and soul<br />

Welcome. I am so glad you’re here.


If you are a woman seeking clarity and guidance around Midlife, you’re in the right place.

I believe that the women of the world have been left behind in their midlife journey and it’s time to change that narrative NOW.

But so many of us are feeling disconnected, lost in life, completely out of sorts with the life we want, and like our inner wisdom seems to have left us.

We can feel like we are in a continual state of… SEEKING.


So what is next?

To get curious about what is happening, to listen to your body, and lastly to ask what your soul is seeking

We get to curate this chapter of life to be the best one yet.

It’s not about going backwards to where we were before we ‘lost ourselves’. It’s about moving forward into who we are finding ourselves to be.

 Listening to our mind

Connecting back into our body.

Feeling into what our soul is pulling us towards.

In Western society, we don’t talk about this stuff, but we are craving it, yearning for it, on a soul level and that is where the searching begins.

As women, this is where the second phase starts.


The NURTURE phase.

This is where we busy ourselves with creating, building, establishing, and nurturing. Whether that be children, community, or career – or all of the above.

At some point, we look at what we’ve created and bask in the beauty of it. And in that pause, there is a spaciousness. But the pause can be a confusing time, and the middle can feel messy and it can feel totally alone.

I’m here to support you and arm you with tools to make Midlife Magical.

When we deeply connect to ourselves, start to understand the stories we hold, we can discover a new passion for life and the rhythm that is waiting to unfold.

And this is called Midlife, the part in the middle of the Nurtuter and the Wisewoman.

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This is not a time for ‘going through the motions’.

There is wonderful work to be done here.

It starts with asking yourself some questions.

This is one of my favorite things to support clients through. To create time and space for you to sit back, observe, and get curious about what this next phase of your life can look like.

What are some of the things you are ready to let go of?

How are you going to hold your boundaries?

What is your soul calling you to do?

In my 1:1 sessions, and the Nourish Membership, we deeply listen, to the whispers of your mind, body, and soul to understand who you are becoming.

I will walk with you the whole way and provide you with the support you need through this transition phase.

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