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Welcome. I am so glad you’re here.


If you are a wisdom-seeking woman, you’re in the right place.

I believe that the women of the world are the holders of the wisdom and the keepers of the sacred.

But so many of us are feeling disconnected, and like our inner wisdom seems to have left us.

We can feel a little lost, frustrated, overwhelmed, in a continual state of… seeking.

Often, we reach a point of just knowing there is more available in life for us.


For many this comes as our children become older, and the all-consuming state of motherhood shifts into… something else. Something… next.

At times it can feel a bit like emptiness. But it’s not.

It’s spaciousness.

And we get to be intentional about what we do with the space that’s there.

We get to curate this chapter of life to be the best one yet.

It’s not about going backwards to where we were before we ‘lost ourselves’.

It’s about moving forward into who we are finding ourselves to be.


Connecting back into our body.

Coming home to who we are.

Discovering the elements within us.


In western society, we don’t talk about this stuff.

But we are craving it, yearning for it, on a soul level.

On a level that can be hard to put into words.

As women, we move through chapters in life. 

I like to describe it as…


We begin in the WILD phase of early life. Even if you were not much a partier, there is a freedom and a potency to that part of life where you play with different paths and possibilities. Before any of us become mothers, there is a wildness that reminds untamed.

Then comes the NURTURE phase. This is where we busy ourselves with creating, building, establishing, nurturing. Whether that be children, or community, or career – or all of the above.

At some point, we look at what we’ve created and bask in the beauty of it. And in that pause, there is a spaciousness. In today’s society we don’t value a pause. In the hustle and bustle, we tend to build our identity, our sense-of-self, based on our ‘output’.


And so the pause can be a confusing time. The middle can feel messy.


I’m here to support you and arm you with tools to make the middle magic.


I’m here to welcome you into the WISDOM phase of life.


When we deeply connect to ourselves, we can start to understand ourselves better. We uncover layers not yet revealed. We meet parts of ourselves that had yet been hidden.

This is not a time for ‘going through the motions’.

There is wonderful work to be done here.

It starts with asking yourself some questions. The kind of questions that we don’t think to ask, amongst the ‘what’s for dinner?’ and the ‘how was your day?’.

 This is one of my favorite things to support clients through. A journey of self-inquiry is a journey like no other. Through this work, we can start to really tap into the magic in you, and get clarity of direction and desire.

 In my 1:1 sessions, personal mentoring, and sharing circles, I deeply listen. I listen to and witness who you are, underneath it all. There is a power in that, that can only be felt. It cannot be described. And it’s what everyday life lacks, for so many of us.

 This WISDOM phase is something I have come to understand deeply, and this has become my life’s work.

 I believe that as women, the answers we seek are inside of us.

Sometimes it just takes someone to walk with us as we find them.

 It would be an honour to be the one to walk with you.

 If you would like to learn more about me and what I’m here to offer to you, I invite you to use the buttons below…