Bloom – 1:1 Reiki Sessions 


What is Bloom?

Bloom is the 1:1 session working with me.

Its the place you get to discover  who you are becoming.

Because I have been there and walked the path for myself and supported my clients through the same space.

Understanding your mind, body, and soul again after being disconnected can be challenging but not when you seek the help.  

You will uncover unhelpful stories, and you will see how the change of rhythms can create more room for the passionate life you desire.

This is where we get to Discover who you are becoming.

What are the benefits?

The benefit of having support for the  is that we get to sweep away all the stuff that you no longer need.

You get the support of someone with 30+ years of experience. Using the Reiki energy you get to explore what your mind body and soul are asking you to shift and find a new rhythm and balance.  This is the place where you get to connect deeper into the life you desire and turn the chaos into calm.

It’s time to breathe more life into who you are BECOMING and it gets to be potent and supported.

Who is this for?

Any woman feeling any of this and not sure why

  • Searching for something but not sure what
  • Feeling something is missing
  • Going through the motions of life
  • Feeling stuck in life and ready for change
  • Ready to face forward and see what the next phase has for you
  • Love being a mum but you want more

What you get

1:1 Reiki session for 60-70 min

Support between session  $180

Package of 3 Fortnightly sessions – $495

Package of 6 fortnightly session – $950


Do you have any more questions? 

Send me a message via social media or email